Thursday - March 17, 2011

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Vision for a Morgan County Regional

Health Care System


It is 2010.  Congress and the President have just passed a sweeping healthcare reform bill that is sure to change the way care is delivered in the future.  Most of the prominent changes will be implemented beginning in 2014, which means that Morgan County has a window of opportunity to anticipate how it should respond to future challenges.   Much about the reform bill is undefined; but, what seems inevitable is that creative and efficient use of resources will be imperative to meet the changing needs in the County.

Faced with these challenges, some County leaders sought and received a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation last fall to study the health needs of the County and identify opportunities for collaboration in order to better serve all its residents.  The Healthcare Horizon Council was formed and the work began.  Needs assessments were conducted, strengths and weaknesses identified, an inventory of available services was collected, and various “experts” were brought in to share their wisdom in hopes that a roadmap for success could be developed.


Now the time for action is here! here to read the complete vision for Morgan County.






























Mission Statement

"With a continual focus on and commitment to the needs of consumers, the Horizon Council will create and implement a plan for an integrated healthcare system that better serves the people of Morgan County."


Newly Released Data



Start up funding for the Horizon Coucil generously

provided by The Colorado Health Foundation.




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