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Morgan County's Citizen Emergency Alert System





Morgan County Emergency Alert System

The County has implemented a state-of-the-art emergency notification system to alert citizens about emergencies and other important community news. The emergency notification system, provided by Everbridge, enables the County to provide essential information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, fires, floods, unexpected road closures, or evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods.


How Emergency Alerts Work

The process begins when the County issues a message about a potential safety hazard or concern. Messages will be sent to all standard voice and text communication devices, including land line phones, cell phones, e-mail, and more. If you don't confirm receipt of the message, the system will try to reach your second contact number or email. The system will continue trying to contact you until it receives a confirmation from you.


To receive important communications from the County, you must register the voice and text communication devices where you wish to receive messages. 


Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Click here to add your contact information to the County's emergency notification system. Residents, businesses, and neighbors with a traditional (or home) phone line have already been included in the system; therefore, it is not necessary to register your traditional (or home) phone number into the system as it will already be in the system. You may use the registration link to include additional ways to contact you. If you are using an internet phone or cell phone as your primary means of voice communication, you’ll need to use the link to the opt-in page to register your contact numbers.  All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. 



For information or questions regarding the County's emergency notification system, please contact Morgan County Office of Emergency Management at 970-542-3510.







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